Several Twitter accounts have started posting viral “news” after visiting a website called is a viral news spam site infested with advertisements. There are plenty of similar websites. Their goal is to make money from advertisements. Naturally it is in their interest to spread these “news” as widely as possible.

The site contains a Twitter app called “Tweet Login In” (or e.g. Wall Login and Twet Login) which will start tweeting spam from your account once authorized. Note that they have changed the name of the app many times.

The app doesn’t install automatically, but the site attempts to push the installation when you click on the “tweet this”-button. This doesn’t happen every time you click on a button, though. The creators of this site are sneaky so you need to be careful.

Below is a clear warning sign: if any site you visit unexpectedly asks to authorize an app, just say no – or Cancel:


How to get rid of  the “clapco” app in case you accidentally installed it?

Luckily you can stop this and similar apps from working easily. Go to Twitter Settings -> Apps, look for the malicious app and click “Revoke access”. If you don’t know the name of the malicious app, try revoking the latest ones first – the approved date shows the time of installation.


  • is just one of the many sites containing malicious Twitter or Facebook apps
  • The name of the malicious app can be anything and not related to the website at all
  • Watch out for the app authorization requests that appear suddenly
  • Revoke (and report) malicious apps as soon as possible
  • Delete all posts the malicious app has made. This helps to prevent further spreading
  • Tell your followers about the malicious sites