A blog by Janne Ahlberg


janne_ahlbergMy name is Janne Ahlberg. I’m a proud dad, security professional & researcher from Finland. I’m (pen)testing websites and services for common and rare vulnerabilities.

I believe in responsible vulnerability disclosure and coordination. Please respond if I contact you. I prefer “what the heck is this about?” over awkward silence. If I fail in vulnerability reporting, I have to consider publishing the suspected vulnerability.

I’m also a hoax fighter & fact finder, check out: hoaxeye.com and @hoaxeye on Twitter.

Main testing areas: Cross-site Scripting (XSS), remote and local file inclusion,  SQL injection (SQLi) and various configuration issues.

Main test tools: web browser, sqlmap

Programming languages: Python, php, Perl, C/C++, JavaScript, variations of BASIC, COBOL, RPG

Besides personal relationships: I like all kind of gadgets, Linux, open-source, movies, astronomy, cryptography, photography and learning new things

Standard website security testing disclaimer:
– I’m not looking for a job or compensation
– I cannot help with possible code fixes due to time restrictions
– I’m not affiliated with any company, testing or “hacker” team
– The opinions expressed here are not those of my employer

– eBay Responsible Disclosure Acknowledgements
Interview by Softpedia
Article in Helsingin Sanomat (in Finnish)
– Cine.se acknowledgement (in Swedish)
– Adobe Security Acknowledgments
– Google Security Honorable Mention (Q3/2013)
– Envato Helpful Hacker Program
– Twitter Hall of Fame – HackerOne (July 2014)

My other or ex-blogs:
Janne’s security log
Janne’s corner

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